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About Hurrdat Sports

Welcome to Hurrdat Sports, the premier source for in-depth and engaging local sports media in Nebraska. Our team of talented journalists, broadcasters, and digital media specialists are dedicated to providing you with the latest news, analysis, and player perspectives on the teams and athletes you care about.

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Hurrdat Sports covers a wide range of sports and events across the state, including high school, college, and professional teams. Whether you’re a fan of Nebraska Cornhuskers, Creighton Bluejays, UNO Mavericks, or any other local team, Hurrdat Sports has you covered.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality sports media content to our audience, and to do so in a way that is both informative and entertaining. We believe that sports are not just a matter of scores and statistics, but an important part of our culture and community. That’s why we strive to provide in-depth coverage that goes beyond the basics, and offers you insights, analysis, and player perspectives that you won’t find anywhere else.

At Hurrdat Sports, we are proud of our talented team of journalists, broadcasters, and digital media specialists, who work tirelessly to bring you the latest news, analysis, and expert commentary. Our team includes experienced professionals like Ana Bellinghausen, Andrew Rogers, Damon Benning, Avarie Howard, and Mike Sautter, who are passionate about sports and committed to delivering the best possible content to our audience.

Our Director of Hurrdat Sports, Sausha Durkan, has years of experience in the media industry, and is dedicated to ensuring that Hurrdat Sports continues to be the leading source for local sports media in Nebraska. SVP of Hurrdat Media, Chris Gorman, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team, and is committed to helping Hurrdat Sports continue to grow and succeed. And with Bill Hipsher at the helm as President of Hurrdat, you can be sure that Hurrdat Sports will continue to provide the high-quality, in-depth coverage you have come to expect from us.

Whether you are looking for in-depth analysis of your favorite team’s latest game, exclusive interviews with players and coaches, or insider insights and commentary on the latest sports news, Hurrdat Sports has you covered. We produce podcasts, video content, and social media posts that keep you informed, engaged, and entertained.

So if you’re a sports fan in Nebraska, or simply looking for a new, engaging way to consume local sports media, look no further than Hurrdat Sports. Whether you’re at home, on the go, or following your team from afar, we have the content you need to stay informed, entertained, and connected to the sports you love.

Join the thousands of sports fans who already rely on Hurrdat Sports for the best in local sports media. Follow us on social media, listen to our podcasts, and stay tuned for the latest news, analysis, and expert commentary from our team of talented journalists and broadcasters.

About Hurrdat Sports

Founded in 2022 by Bill Hipsher, Hurrdat Sports is a dynamic division of the Hurrdat organization dedicated to delivering unparalleled sports media coverage across Nebraska. As part of the innovative Hurrdat family (more at, Hurrdat Sports stands at the forefront of sports storytelling, from grassroots to professional levels.

At Hurrdat Sports, our mission goes beyond conventional sports reporting. We delve into the heart of every game, every team, and every athlete, providing our audience with an immersive sports experience. Our coverage spans a wide array, capturing the spirit and passion of Nebraska sports in a way that connects with fans like never before.

Hurrdat Sports embodies the visionary approach of the Hurrdat brand – blending cutting-edge digital marketing strategies with compelling content creation. This unique combination positions us to offer our audience not just stories, but an engaging sports narrative that resonates with the local community and beyond.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of Nebraska sports, where every story is an adventure waiting to be told.