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2023 Iron Mikes

by Dec 11, 2023Preps Football

2023 Iron Mikes

Welcome to “Iron Mikes”, a traditional, yet untraditional way of celebrating the best high school football players in Nebraska.  

There is the “Super 32 Team,” or the 32 best players no matter the school classification or age of the player. 

There’s the “Top of Class Team,” which is the best position player in each class, and the “All-Tough Guy Team,”  which is pretty self-explanatory. There’s also the “Unheralded Team,” the players that may or may not have the stats or team success that typically lead to postseason honors.

The Iron Mikes is presented by Hauptman, O’Brien.

Super 32

*listed alphabetically

Dash Bauman, Sr., LB, Lincoln East

Caleb Benning, Sr., DB, Omaha Westside

Conor Booth, Jr., RB, Wahoo Neumann 

Michael Burt, Sr., TE, Creighton Prep

Champ Davis, So., WR, Omaha North

Ethan Duda, Sr., LB, Elkhorn South

Rj Eckhardt, Sr., DL, Omaha Westside

Max Gray, Sr., OL, Millard South

Eric Ingwerson, Sr., TE, Papillion-La Vista 

Amarion Jackson, So., WR, Millard South

Kalvin Janssen, Jr., OL, Gretna

Christian Jones, Jr., LB, Omaha Westside

Donovan Jones, Sr., DB, Omaha North

Daniel Kaelin, Sr., QB, Bellevue West

Kyler Lauridsen, Jr., LB, Bennington

JR Lecuona, Sr., DL, Millard South 

Zach McLeay, Sr., DB, Creighton Prep

Isaiah McMorris, Sr., WR, Bellevue West

Aiden Miller, Sr., DL, Millard South

Pierce Mooberry, Jr., ATH, Millard North

Ashton Murphy, Sr., DL, Elkhorn South

Carter Nelson, Sr., ATH, Ainsworth

Peyton Prestitio, Sr., RB, Papillion-La Vista 

Caleb Pyfrom, Sr., OL, Omaha Central

Anthony Rezac, Sr., QB, Omaha Westside

Teddy Rezac, Sr., LB, Omaha Westside

Jahmez Ross, Sr., RB, Omaha Westside

Beau Ryan, Sr., LB, Omaha Westside

Sawyer Schilke, Jr., LB, Kearney

Tyson Terry, Jr., DL, Omaha North

Jackson Williams, Sr., WR, Millard West

Caden VerMass, Jr., ATH, Millard North

Top of Class

Select coaches from each of the state’s seven classes were asked to vote for the top players in each of the positions. I took some liberty and created a few different categories. After all, it is the “Iron Mikes.” 

* denotes captain’s

Class A

Quarterback: *Anthony Rezac, Sr., Omaha Westside

Running Back: Jahmez Ross, Sr., Omaha Westside 

Wide Receiver: Amarion Jackson, Soph., Millard South

Tight End: Eric Ingwerson, Sr., Papillion-La Vista

Offensive Lineman: Caleb Pyfrom, Sr., Omaha Central

Defensive Lineman: Tyson Terry, Jr., Omaha North

Linebacker: Beau Ryan, Sr., Omaha Westside

Defensive Back: Caleb Benning, Sr., Omaha Westside

Kicker: Brody Parks, Jr., Elkhorn South

Punter: Kael Forney, Sr., Columbus

Special Teams: Jackson Williams, Sr., Millard West

Class B

Quarterback: Nolan Maahs, Sr., Waverly

Running Back: Sebastien Boyle, Sr., Scottsbluff

Wide Receiver: Chase Loftin, Jr., Elkhorn North 

Tight End: Joseph Stein, Sr., Grand Island Northwest

Offensive Lineman: Sam Thomas, Sr., Elkhorn North 

Defensive Lineman: Jack Jansen, Jr., Bennington

Linebacker: *Kyler Lauridsen, Jr., Bennington 

Defensive Back: Gunnar Lym, Sr., Bennington 

Kicker: Tallon McDonald, Sr., Scottsbluff

Punter: Evan Utech, Sr., Bennington 

Athlete: Drew Moser, Sr., Waverly

Class C1

Quarterback: *Dane Jacobsen, Sr., Ashland-Greenwood 

Running Back: Parker Borer, Sr., Boone Central

Wide Receiver: Luke Orr, Sr., Omaha Roncalli

Tight End: Reiman Zebert, Jr., Platteview

Offensive Lineman: Jake Scanlon, Jr., Wahoo

Defensive Lineman: Kellen Peterson, Sr., Aurora

Linebacker: Hank Hudson, Sr., Boone Central 

Defensive Back: Thomas Spears, Jr., Ashland-Greenwood

Kicker: Isak Doty, Sr., Sidney

Punter: Travon Shaw, Sr., Auburn

Athlete: Ryker Wohlers, Sr., Douglas County West

Hammer: Drake Zimmerman, Sr., Ashland-Greenwood

Hammer: Keenan Valverde, Sr., Pierce

Class C2

Quarterback: *Carter Janssen, Sr., Norfolk Catholic 

Running Back: Conor Booth, Jr., Wahoo Neumann

Wide Receiver: Jenson Anderson, Sr., Hastings St. Cecilia

Tight End: Talan Bruha, Sr., Ord

Offensive Lineman: Nolan Fennessy, Sr., Norfolk Catholic

Defensive Lineman: JT Brands, Sr., Oakland-Craig

Linebacker: Derek Wacker, Sr., Yutan 

Defensive Back: Hayden Kelly, Jr., Norfolk Catholic

Kicker: Max Hammond, Jr., Norfolk Catholic

Punter: Dylan Hurlburt, Sr., Ord

Athlete: Trent Uhlir, Sr., Battle Creek

Eight Man-1

Quarterback: Barrett Wilke, Jr., Stanton 

Running Back: *Breckan Schluter, Sr., Exeter-Milligan/Friend

Wide Receiver: Mitchell Hupp, Sr., Stanton

Tight End: Tanner Hollinger, Sr., Cross County

Offensive Lineman: Ren Brown, Jr., Stanton

Defensive Lineman: Brecken Erickson, Sr., North Platte St. Pat’s

Linebacker: Izaac Dickey, Sr., Cross County 

Defensive Back: Ryker Evans, Sr., Hi-Line

Athlete: Ethan Shaw, Jr., Sandy Creek

Eight Man-2

Quarterback: Kyle Cox, Jr., Sandhills/Thedford

Running Back: Grady Kelly, Jr., Central Valley

Wide Receiver: Chase VanWinkle, Sr., Johnson-Brock

Tight End: Jackson Kerchal, Sr., Dundy County-Stratton

Offensive Lineman: Tanner Bolte, Sr., Bruning-Davenport/Shickley

Defensive Lineman: Rio Remund Sr., South Loup

Linebacker: Colton Klossen, Sr., Howells-Dodge 

Defensive Back: Carson Wieseler, Sr., Wynot

Athlete: *Carter Nelson, Sr., Ainsworth

Six Man

Quarterback: Talan Storer, Jr., Arthur County 

Running Back: Gage Mintken, Sr., Hay Springs

Wide Receiver/Tight End: Caden Frey, Sr., Red Cloud

Offensive Lineman: *Ryan Arbuthnot, Sr., Sumner-Eddyville-Miller

Defensive Lineman: Cohen Rhode, Jr., Sumner-Eddyville-Miller

Linebacker: Graiden Ritner, Jr., Wilcox-Hildreth 

Defensive Back: Dylan Young, Jr., Hay Springs

Athlete: Maddox Jones, Jr., Sumner-Eddyville-Miller

All-Tough Guy Team 

These 22 can win you a game if it’s played in a phone booth, parking lot, sandlot, grass or turf field.  

*listed alphabetically

Caleb Adkins, Sr., LB/FB, Plattsmouth

Michael Burt, Sr., TE, Creighton Prep

JT Brands, Sr., DL, Oakland-Craig

Seth Erickson, Sr., LB, York

Nolan Feller, Sr., RB, Millard South

Carter Glab, So., OL, Millard South

Dallas Hamilton, Sr., C, Papillion-La Vista

Eli Holt, Sr., LB/FB, Norris

Justyce Hostetler, Sr., LB, Grand Island

Kyler Lauridsen, Jr., LB, Bennington 

JR Lecuona, Sr., DL, Millard South

Ashton Murphy, Sr., DL, Elkhorn South

Ke’von Newsome, Sr., LB, Omaha Central

Tony Palmer, Jr., RB/LB, South Sioux City

Dalton Pokorney, Jr., LB, Shelby-Rising City

Henry Prochazka, Sr., DL, Elkhorn South

Dylan Sheard, Jr., LB, Bellevue West

Tyson Terry, Jr., DL, Omaha North

Isaiah Weber, Sr., RB, Gretna

Chase Wiegert, Sr., WR, Grand Island Northwest

Justin Witcofski, Sr., OL, Skutt Catholic

Drake Zimmerman, Sr., RB, Ashland-Greenwood

Unheralded Team 

These 22 players were significant contributors to their teams and are more often than not undervalued. 

*listed alphabetically

Xavier Albertson, Sr., RB/LB, North Platte

Cam Bell, So., DL, Omaha Westside

Brady Bousquet, Sr., RB, Elkhorn South

Ethan Baessler, Sr., ATH, Blair

Caden Cetak, Sr., DE/TE, Lincoln East

Mason Chandler, Sr., QB/LB, Bellevue East

Maxwell Chandler, Sr., LB/FB, Skutt Catholic

Dylan Eby, Sr., OL/DL, Plattsmouth 

Brody Goc, Sr., RB/DB, Omaha Westside

Will Granger, Sr., LB, Millard North 

Anthony Heithoff, Sr., LB, Skutt Catholic

Asher Jenkins, Sr., LB, Bellevue West

Dylan Kingston, Sr., DB/WR/P, Elkhorn South

Dylan Kuhl, Jr., LB, Millard South

Brody Peterson, Sr., QB, Millard West

Trent Patzel, Sr., OL, Boone Central 

Henry Rehberg, Jr., OL, Millard North

Thomas Roberts, Jr., OL/DL, Boone Central 

Trevor Spady, Sr., TE/LB, Omaha Westside

Tyler Thaden, Sr., OL, Millard West

Jackson Turner, Sr., LB, Fillmore Central 

Joey Vieth, Sr., DB, Gretna

Questions about the Iron Mikes? Email

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