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2023 State Volleyball All-Tournament Teams

by Nov 6, 2023Preps Volleyball

All-Tournament Teams
Photo Credit: Mike Sautter

Four days of fierce competition left six teams standing as state champions at the 2023 NSAA Volleyball State Championships.

Lincoln Southwest, Omaha Skutt, Minden, Lincoln Lutheran, Sumner-Eddyville-Miller and Overton captured the six state titles. The tournament featured outstanding team and individual performances form those six and many others. Below are the Hurrdat Sports All-Tournament teams for all six classes including statistical averages for the tournament.

Tournament Coverage: Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday


MVP — S Malayah Long, Sr., Lincoln Southwest: 11.89 assists per set, 3.11 digs per set, 0.89 kills per set, 0.44 aces per set

OH Julia Trost, Sr., Lincoln Southwest: 3.56 kills per set, 1.00 dig per set

MB Emerson Lionberger, Sr., Lincoln Southwest: 2.56 kills per set, 1.44 digs per set, 0.78 blocks per set

L Faith Frame, Sr., Papillion-La Vista: 7.3 digs per set, 1.1 assists per set

OH Morgan Glaser, Sr., Papillion-La Vista: 3.4 kills per set, 4.9 digs per set

RS Ashlyn Paymal, Jr., Omaha Westside: 3.85 kills per set, 1.86 digs per set, 0.71 blocks per set

S Madison Emery, Jr., Bellevue West: 8.38 assists per set, 3.63 digs per set


MVP — L Paisley Douglas, Sr., Omaha Skutt: 9.6 digs per set, 1.1 assists per set, 0.50 aces per set

OH Abbie Hagedorn, Jr., Omaha Skutt: 3.8 kills per set, 3.7 digs per set, 0.40 aces per set

S Malorie Boesiger, Fr., Norris: 10.45 assists per set, 3.55 digs per set

OH Anna Jelinek, Jr. Norris: 4.91 kills per set, 4.64 digs per set

L Olivia Mauch, Sr., Bennington: 10.13 digs per set, 1.36 assists per set

OH Hayden Liebsack, So., Bennington: 4.88 kills per set, 2.64 digs per set, 0.63 aces per set

OH Ava Spies, Sr., Elkhorn North: 4.5 kills per feet, 4.00 digs per set, 0.50 aces per set


MVP — OH Mattie Kamery, Jr., Minden: 5.38 kills per set, 3.77 digs per set, 3.46 assists per set, 0.85 aces per set, 0.62 blocks per set

S Myla Emery, So., Minden: 2.38 kills per set, 5.69 assists per set, 3.23 digs per set, 0.38 aces per set

OH Margaret Haarberg, Sr., Kearney Catholic: 2.69 kills per set, 3.92 digs per set, 0.54 aces per set

S Callie Squiers, Sr., Kearney Catholic: 9.23 assists per set, 3.69 digs per set, 0.62 blocks per set

OH Jaya Wachholtz, Sr., Pierce: 3.33 kills per set, 1.6 digs per set

OH Clara Evert, Sr., Gothenburg: 4.27 kills per set, 5.27 digs per set, 0.47 aces per set

OH Halle Dolliver, So., Malcolm: 7.6 kills per set, 3.8 digs per set


MVP — OH Sophie Wohlgemuth, Sr., Lincoln Lutheran: 4.42 kills per set, 3.67 digs per set

L Keri Leimbach, Jr. , Lincoln Lutheran: 7.58 digs per set DPS, 0.42 aces per set

S Jillian Donovan, Jr., Lincoln Lutheran: 11.92 assists per set, 3.0 digs per set

OH Lily Wohlgemuth, So., Lincoln Lutheran: 3.67 KPS, 3.92 DPS, 0.5 BPS

MH Chloe Hanel, Sr., Clarkson/Leigh: 4.0 kills per set, 4.27 digs per set, 0.91 blocks per set, 0.55 aces per set

OH Jordan Vogler, Sr., Elmwood-Murdock: 3.83 kills per set, 3.08 digs per set

OH Brandi Helzer, Sr., Oakland-Craig: 4.6 kills per set, 4.9 digs per set


MVP — MH Mikah O’Neill, Sr., S-E-M: 6.92 kills per set, 4.75 digs per st

MH Taryn Arbuthnot, So., S-E-M: 3.33 kills per set, 3.75. digs per set, 0.75 blocks per set

MH Hannah Herrick, Sr., Amherst: 3.73 kills pr st, 4.55 digs pr set, 1.09 blocks per set

OH/S Saryn Prickett, Sr., Amherst: 3.45 kills per set, 4.45 assists per set, 0.36 aces per set

S Jayden Ehrisman, Sr., WPGACC: 11.6 assists per set, 3.0 digs per set, 0.50 aces per set

OH Kelsy Steffen, Sr., WPGACC: 4.6 kills per set, 4.0 digs per set, 0.60 aces per set

OH Ashlynne Charf, Sr., Elgin Public/Pope John: 3.17 kills per set, 4.17 digs per set, 0.50 aces per set


MVP — MH JoLee Ryan, Sr., Overton: 6.78 kills per set, 4.67 digs per set, 1.0 block per set

MH Natalie Wood, Sr., Overton: 4.89 kills per set, 2.89 digs per set, 0.67 aces per set

S Ashlyn Florell, Sr., Overton: 12.89 assists per set, 5.11 digs pr set, 0.89 blocks per set

MH Erin Johnson, Jr., Cambridge: 5.09 kills per set, 2.36 digs per set

OH Jalen Kent, SR, Cambridge: 4.82 kills per set, 3.09 digs per set, 0.72 aces per set

OH Kayla Pinkelman, SR, Wynot: 4.00 kills pr set, 5.64 digs per set, 0.73 blocks per set

OH Jaala Stewart, SR, Meridian: 3.64 kills per set, 7.82 digs per set

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