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Urgent Matters | Hail Varsity Radio

by Mar 20, 2024

Urgent Matters | Hail Varsity Radio

Chris Schmidt and Elijah Herbel open this Wednesday show by breaking down what we know about Nebraska’s new AD, Troy Dannen, as well as what they know about NU presidential candidate Dr. Jeffrey Gold. Mike Babcock joins the show to continue that conversation before Evan Bland of the Omaha World-Herald checks in to discuss what the first few months on the job will hold in store for AD Troy Dannen. Later, Coach Jim Walden tells us what he knows about Troy Dannen, and Dr. Brandon Seifert checks in for another Jock Doc segment to discuss the knee injury that will keep Kansas star Kevin McCullar Jr.

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00:00 – Talking Troy Dannen and Dr. Jeffrey Gold
16:29 – Mike Babcock
29:22 – Matt Rhule’s thoughts on the Troy Dannen hire
42:31 – Evan Bland
58:55 – Coach Jim Walden
1:11:47 – Jock Doc with Dr. Brandon Seifert
1:20:38 – Fred Hoiberg’s reaction to the Troy Dannen hire

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