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Generation Red

Beginning with the 2021 Spring Game, the podcast was audio-only for that first year, and was recorded in two different locations: Ken in his semi, and Scott in his apartment in Lincoln. They used video chat to see each other as they recorded, which certainly led to better conversations – and fun internet bugaboos from time to time. Add in the fact that they started this podcast during perhaps the most gut-wrenching season in Husker history – which probably isn’t the best strategy for building an audience – and it was quite the challenge.
In 2022, they took their show live to YouTube, while also keeping the audio-only option available to their listeners. The logistics of adding video to a podcast that had Ken streaming from some challenging areas for good internet signal made for a few more glitches, but overall the show took a step up. By April of 2022, Ken was streaming and producing the show from home for the most part, having retired from driving a truck for a living.
2023 has seen Generation Red build a dedicated Husker-themed basement studio in Ken’s home, where they will record and produce the show for the foreseeable future. So stay tuned for a lot of mostly in-person content, which will include guests and collaborations with other Husker podcasts.
Their hard work and perseverance paid off, because Generation Red has now joined the stellar lineup of podcasts and network shows at Hurrdat Media, one of the largest – if not THE largest – Husker networks in the state of Nebraska. There is a lot of new and exciting content on the way, so don’t forget to click on the social links at the top of this page to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

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