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Jared Hall

Jared Hall

About Jared Hall

I remember 72nd and Dodge Street. Post-1998 Orange Bowl. Celebrating Nebraska football’s 5th national championship with my dad and brother. Dudes hanging off street lights, acting a fool. I want that again.

More than anything though, I crave an identity. An offense of the “three yards and a cloud of dust” variety as cliché as it may be. Have a consistent something you can lean on and call back to. A relentless pass rusher that throws the GD bones like they actually mean it. A disciplined Nebraska football team whose most challenging opponent… does not bear the skinny red ‘N’ on their helmet.
Yes, I will admit to have lowered my expectations for Big Red football. I’ve been (face it fellow Husker fans, WE’VE been) hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amok. This is what they’ve done. The news media, incompetent administration, coaches, players, even the university’s flashy Twitter output. Every year is “the year.” If not, the head guy doesn’t have “his players”, or “they gotta weed out the bad eggs”… THEN it’ll start rolling. Ad infinitum. The No Block No Rock Podcast aims to unapologetically spike your Kool-Aid with truth serum even if it tastes bitter.

Somewhere out there is a picture of then-12 year old me posing with Herbie Husker before the 2003 Penn State game. My first game at Memorial. A naive, dorky, pudgy kid with crooked glasses who loved the mascot. I still get teased to this day by my mother because I was pleading with her for us to be the last fans out of the stadium. I felt immense gratification being inside that majestic place.
I want that again.

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