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Dave Gaspers

Dave Gaspers

About Dave Gaspers

As host of the Go Big Redcast, Dave (aka David Gaspers) is given the impossible task of keeping Honke, Mac and Boomer from driving the show right off the tracks! He’s been a Husker fan since birth, experiencing the lows of watching the Huskers lose to Oklahoma at his first Nebraska football game to the highs of the 1990’s national championships as a student at dear old NU. Having experienced being a Husker fan in three other states, Dave tries to bring a Nebraska expat perspective to following all Husker sports to the Redcast.

Dave also hosts the Go Big Betcast during the football season, where you can hear him telling Redcast Rob to “shut up”, lambasting Boomer’s three team money line parlays and grieving bad beats with Producer Skip.

Fun fact: Dave and Producer Skip came up with the idea for the Go Big Redcast over drinks at a bar in Shanghai, China on Thanksgiving Day, 2016.

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